Violet Audio releases DX16 audio splitters

The new 16-input, passive splitters offer three-way routing of microphone signals.
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The DX16 series from Violet Audio consists of passive splitters capable of sending up to 16 inputs to three destination consoles.

At the NAMM convention in Anaheim, CA, Australia-based Violet Audio displayed the DX16XI and DX16XT multichannel audio splitters. Both units can handle up to 16 channels of input, offering a full three-way signal split in a 2RU architecture that requires no power.

Designed primarily for microphone signals, both units can send simultaneous feeds to the house, monitor and recording consoles. The DX16XT offers transformer-isolated splits, while the DX16XI relies on a pure path split. Connectivity includes 16 XLR inputs and outputs on the front panel, with another 32 rear-panel outputs split between 16 XLR connectors and 25-pin D-sub.

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