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Vinten Radamec launches robotic and manual pedestal

Vinten Radamec has launched the Fusion FP188 robotic and manual pedestal. Capable of recognizing compact ‘L’ shaped floor targets that offer more precise reference positioning across a wider range of floor finishes, the pedestal also features smoother transition sequencing, unique collision avoidance protection and adjustable bumper sensitivity.

Despite the reduction in the weight of modern cameras, at least one talent-facing vanity monitor is often attached to the camera head during HD production, alongside more traditional additions such as prompting equipment. Consequently, the Fusion FP188 offers a payload of 187lbs, as well as differential wheel trucks to maximize floor traction.

In addition to equipping users for a seamless expansion into HD production, the FP188 is designed deliver the added efficiency and recalled shot creativity available from camera robotics. With its switchable robotic or manual mode, the pedestal offers a flexible choice for multifunction studios, where no-compromise, full-manual performance — including Vinten’s Perfect Balance system — can be selected at the turn of a switch.