Vinten Radamec introduces new compact control system

Vinten Radamec, has introduced a compact control system for its Fusion line that provides control for up to 16 cameras from a single touch-screen panel and can store up to 64,000 predetermined shots.

The Fusion FCS16 control system’s Windows-based 10.4in user interface allows a single controller to operate up to 16 cameras and full x-y pedestals from any number of locations. Multiple controllers can be added to the network allowing further operational flexibility.

The system can be combined with other Fusion products, including the new Fusion FHR-100 robotic-only head and the Fusion FBH-175 bolt-on height drive. It also allows for future upgrades with the option of adding other robotics or adjusting existing systems.

Microsoft Windows and real-time OS technology provides the Fusion FCS16 with enhanced operational features that ensure compatibility with products from the former Radamec and Autocam lines, in addition to all of the new Fusion products from Vinten Radamec.

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