Vinten Offers Plug & Play Prompter for Election Coverage

Vinten has introduced the Vision iScript portable prompting system, designed for busy political coverage and mobile production units.

Vision iScript fits in one custom-built, rolling case for fast setup and stowage.

The fluid head and teleprompter combination is designed to work with the A/C or battery-powered GoPrompt 12 system from Autoscript. When combined with a Vision Ped Plus pedestal or two-stage Pozi-Loc tripod, it is suited for studio or corporate applications or rugged, remote location work.

Autoscript’s GoPrompt differs from a traditional teleprompter because the computer, with a standard Windows XP operating system, is built into the prompting screen. GoPrompt 12 offers a high-brightness screen for outdoor work.

The system employs a 900 MHz wireless scroll control, so the only cable necessary is the power cord that powers the prompters from mains or batteries.

Complementing this, the Vision iScript pan/tilt head offers features including preset counterbalance and an integral head/prompter platform interface. This allows secure attachment or removal of the GoPrompt 12 and simple ENG set-up.

Vinten is a Vitec group brand.