Vinten Launches Hexagon Track System

LAS VEGAS—Robotic camera support systems manufacturer Vinten has announced its latest product, the Hexagon system. The new support system integrates the Vinten Control System (VRC) with Technopoint for an advanced robotic dolly system on tracks.

The Hexagon dolly features a motorized column and robotic head that interfaces with the Vinten control protocol, allowing it to be managed through the VRC. The track design has a height of 1.18-inches from the ground and features four traction wheels with dual synchronized motors. It also comes with an optional positioning belt for virtual and augmented reality. The track can be configured either straight or curved, can hold up to two dollies on one track with the option for either high-speed/low payload or low-speed/high payload.

Vinten is a Vitec Videocom brand.