Vimond Introduces Rights Management Tool

BERGEN, NORWAY—Vimond Media Solutions is set to launch an add-on to its Video Platform providing OTT rights management. This new rights management package, which integrates with the Vimond Control Center, facilitates the global management of content rights, playback restrictions and contract negotiations.

Rights impact content life-cycles at many points, from acquisition to enforcement of digital rights management and licensing windows to streaming quantities, geo-blocking, downloading and more. Vimond Rights Manager is said to help publishers to manage that complexity. As an example, Vimond says, a publisher using its rights management software who has purchased eight seasons of a show, each with 12 episodes, eliminates the need to create an object for each of these 96 assets. Instead, the tool allows a publisher to select and create all objects at once, and then simplifies rights management by enabling selection of the applicable rights, restrictions and licenses for any given combination of objects.

When negotiating contracts, Vimond said broadcasters and publishers can use this tool to track which rights they have and which ones they are seeking. Once digital rights are acquired for any given content—within a certain timeframe, at specified resolutions and any other restrictions and at an agreed-upon cost—users of the VCC-integrated Vimond rights manager can push a button to make the content available. The tool also enables the fetching, validation and publishing of enriched metadata from Gracenote, the comprehensive move and actor database.

Vimond Media Solutions will be at IBC 2016 in booth 14.F19.