Vimond Enables Cross-Format Streaming for MTV3 and TV 2

Vimond Media Solutions has enabled Finland's MTV3 and Norway's TV 2 to stream live video content to each other's Web portals using the Vimond Online TV platform. When houseguests from the Finnish and Norwegian reality TV series "Big Brother" switched places recently, viewers in both countries could follow those contestants easily via their respective TV stations' Web portals using Vimond's format-agnostic platform.

MTV3 and TV 2 use different formats to stream their broadcasts, but because the Vimond platform can stream content in any format, viewers in one country could see video from the other country's TV station. People in Finland watching MTV3's Katsomo Web portal could choose the Norway camera to view the girl who went to Norway, and vice versa for those in Norway watching TV 2's Sumo portal. Upon choosing a camera, the stream from Finland would be redirected to the Norway portal and vice versa.

The Vimond platform emerged from Norway’s state broadcaster TV2 as a spinoff, delivering and managing multiformat over-the-top (OTT) services, with facilities for creative, logistical and business aspects of the operation.