Videoworks Makes Switch to MultiDyne SMPTE HUT Camera Transceivers

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y.—California-based mobile production and rental house Videoworks recently acquired Multidyne SMPTE HUT camera transceivers that it will pair with its Sony fiber camera systems after reports of signal problems. According to Videoworks, the move to MultiDyne boosted the performance for long-distance fiber-topic transport.

Videoworks has already put the SMPTE HUT technology to use during productions for the Pasadena Pops Summer Concert Series and the Long Beach Pops. SMPTE HUT was outfitted with two front of house cameras for the Pasadena concert, with video and data moving to a production truck through wire and fiber cables laid underground. While the Long Beach concert had SMPTE HUT devices also transport intercom and video content for venue screens over single-fiber connections to the truck.

SMPTE Hut can also simplify adaptation to different kinds of cameras and features clear labeling that enables configuration changes in less than 10 seconds.