Video Devices PIX-E7 Finds Spot on Set

LOS ANGELES—For the past decade and a half, I have been working as a cinematographer in the world of film and television production. With a diverse resume of projects ranging from films to commercials and music videos, I understand the importance of using equipment that is flexible enough to handle whatever is thrown my way while consistently delivering high-quality recording to the client. This is why I rely on Video Devices’ PIX-E7 4K recording monitor and PIX-LR audio interface for my backup recording and playback needs.

The PIX-E7 can be used for monitoring and playback on set.A TOOL FOR EVERY JOB

I was first introduced to Video Devices while searching for monitor options for my ARRI ALEXA Mini. I was looking at small form factor HD options when someone told me about the PIX-E7. At the time, I was doing testimonial commercials where there was one person speaking and the director was handling the audio levels, so the PIXE7 was the perfect fit. Having the monitor and the PIX-LR, so we can also monitor the sound level and quality, was ideal. It’s rugged and flexible for my various project needs.

The 4K-compatible PIX-E7 offers a full suite of precision-monitoring tools, SDI and HDMI I/O, plus the ability to dual record high-quality, edit-ready Apple ProRes files and low data-rate H.264 files. Video Devices’ custom USB-based SpeedDrive media enclosure provides an inventive storage solution that houses an industry standard mSATA solid-state drive up to 1 TB in size. The PIX-E7 was also designed using Sound Devices’ signature build quality with an LCD protected by damage-resistant Gorilla Glass 2 and a robust die-cast metal chassis.


For my work on the recently completed independent feature “Solver,” I incorporated the PIX-E7 and PIX-LR into my rig. Since playback on the ALEXA Mini can sometimes be challenging, I knew I needed the PIX-E7. I used the PIX-E7 for director monitoring and playback, and it worked great. In addition, the monitoring capabilities of the PIX-E7 are just fantastic. Every director that has looked at it has loved it.

In addition, I also like PIX-E7’s impressive suite of monitoring tools, including TapZoom, which provides unrivaled focusing speed. The PIX-E7’s range of scopes, including waveform, vectorscope, and histogram, are extremely helpful and easy to use, as is the PIX-LR’s audio functions. Directors are put at ease with the PIX-LR’s big play button. I also really like the color contrast, easy viewing and ability to playback, so that my clients can watch.

For me, the PIX-E7 is ideal for my needs and makes my job easier.

Cinematographer Mike Moghaddam began his career in Atlanta. He has been nominated for two regional Emmys for commercials and is a proud member of IATSE Local 600 International Cinematographers Guild. He can be contacted

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