Video Devices’ Pix-E Series Adds H.264 Recording Capabilities

REEDSBURG, WIS.—Firmware Version 3.00 for Video Devices’ Pix-E series of 4K recording monitors is now available, offering new capabilities like the H.264 codec. Additional features now available as part of the updated firmware includes the ability to simultaneously record an Apple ProRes and H.264 files.

The addition of the H.264 codec also includes an applied LUT baked into the H.264 mp4 file and saved through an SD card. The master ProRes 4K file is saved to the Video Devices’ SpeedDrive without an applied LUT.

The Pix-E system will now automatically scale a 4K ProRes recording to 1080p for recording H.264. Both recordings also include audio, as many as eight channels for ProRes and two with h.264.

Users can download the free firmware v3.00 upgrade for Pix-E here.