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Video Clarity Launches RTM 3.0

CAMPBELL, CALIF.—Video Clarity is offering a new version of its real-time audio and video monitoring systems, RTM 3.0. The recently announced update features three new features: MPEG transport stream recording, IP-network packet-loss monitoring, and built-in uncompressed video playback while monitoring and testing are underway.

RTM 3.0 monitors for artifacts and captures them for visual inspection in the uncompressed video domain, allowing users to study the effects of network errors on content and know what to look for in network-analysis tools.

The newly added MPEG TS recording feature records out-of-threshold uncompressed video and audio and simultaneously captures the same error segments in the corresponding transport streams. The IP-network packet-loss monitoring ability allows RTM 3.0 to monitor the attached video network to assess network conditions and graphs the results, which appear as a red tick mark on the existing graph in the RTM user interface and as a live updated graph on a browser tab in the RTM Manager. Additionally, the new player function enables RTM 3.0 to play full-HD video to the device or network under test at the same time it is comparing that video to its downstream processed version, as well as an independent record function.

Video Clarity will ship RTM 3.0 with the new RTM systems starting in November. A software update will be available for RTM warranty subscribers at the same time.