Video Call Center Introduces AirFirst DIY Two-Way IP Contribution

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PALISADES N.Y.—The Video Call Center (VCC) has unveiled AirFirst, a cloud-controlled management system for IP-based remote contribution.

AirFirst offers producers high quality, lag-free, on-demand workflows for high speed, high volume live remote contributors anywhere in the world. 

Originally developed for VCC’s Caller Cloud service, the AirFirst system is available for media organizations that manage their own remotes. AirFirst delivers a professional level choice of IP-based remote contribution, offering real-time two-way video and mix-minus IFB return audio for control room communications with contributors.

AirFirst’s unique collaborative workflow supports both small and large teams. A single person can operate the entire AirFirst workflow from anywhere. AirFirst’s secure, shared scheduling and connectivity system also can be made available to others involved in a production, including dispersed bookers, pre-screeners, producers, transmission personnel and control room staff.

“Show producers are fed up with trying to force consumer video conferencing software to behave like a production tool. AirFirst from VCC is the answer they are looking for,” said VCC CEO Larry Thaler.

“With AirFirst, VCC’s smartphone-based remote capabilities are now available in a do-it-yourself platform," he continued. "No more jittery, degraded video and creative inflexibility. With just a few clicks, a production team can invite anyone anywhere in the world to join a show as a guest, cast member, or even audience participant. Whether the guest is a ‘remote from home’ or a ‘live feed from a school bus,’ they’ll look great. Thanks to VCC’s patented, lag-free technology, the remote person will interact as naturally as if they were in the studio.”

At the core of AirFirst is VCC’s StageDoor calling logic that makes joining a program easy and Tenaciti diagnostic software to evaluate a connection and give producers to make rapid decisions about optimizing the remote before connecting.

Other available modules to expand core functionality include:

  • CrowdView, a virtual audience, multi-participant system enabling up to 25 simultaneous participants per screen that gives the operator control over seat assignment.
  • Caller Queue, VCC’s green room in the cloud, which makes it easy for producers to access, filer and screen a large number of audience member guests.
  • Scheduler, a cloud-based data platform to enable communication among departments.
  • Expandable capacity.

 More information is available on the company’s website

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