Verizon Media Boosts Live Streaming With Media Platform Enhancements

(Image credit: Verizon Media)

LOS ANGELES—Verizon Media has debuted a series of Media Platform enhancements that are designed to help the live streaming experience for live sports and other streaming content.

Part of these new updates is a partnership with Phenix Real Time Solutions, combining Verizon Media’s global network, edge computing and ad insertion knowledge with Phenix’s real-time streaming technology for sub-second latency for live sports at scale, assisting with multicamera viewing angles and “watch together” social experiences.

Verizon is also making available channel scheduling and syndication publishing, enabling media organizations to schedule and curate channels, which can then be syndicated to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch.

Rounding out the new Media Platform enhancements is the Managed Slicer as a Service, a tool designed to assist with managing OTT linear channel contribution, acquisition and ingestion for broadcasters and content owners. Managed Slicers can accept IP or SDI video feeds and can be provisioned in a co-location data center, a Verizon point of presence or in the cloud. Once established, the linear channel feeds are fully monitored and maintained by Verizon Media.

Another recent announcement by Verizon Media designed to help with OTT was the launch of OTT Smart Auction.

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