VeriCorder introduces Poddio field reporting application

The Canadian startup has replaced bulky, expensive field reporting gear with an iPhone recording and editing application
The Poddio software application for audio field reporters will be available for all major brands of smart phones.

In the NAB Content Commerce Pavilion, VeriCorder Technology released its software and hardware package for radio field reporters and podcasters. The company’s Poddio application software transforms a smartphone into a full-featured sound editing suite. The first version is designed for the Apple iPhone and allows users to record and edit news stories or music, then upload the finished audio file to a computer.

The version unveiled in Las Vegas allows reporters to also send their completed stories wirelessly, either by FTP or by e-mail, allowing reporters to file stories anywhere they have a cellular phone connection.

VeriCorder also released a new companion microphone, the VeriCorder Mini Mic, which plugs into the headphone jack of smartphones. The mic vastly improves recording quality for a variety of mobile devices, including higher-end models of Blackberries, Nokia smart phones, the iPod Touch and iPhones.

VeriCorder Technology was created by two long-time Canadian field reporters. President Gary Symons is an award-winning broadcaster who helped develop CBCʼs first wireless field reporting kit in 2001, and spent most of his career reporting from disaster areas in remote locations.

“Poddio is a real game-changer for field reporters,” Symon said. “The field kit I used weighted over 40 pounds and cost my company about $5000, plus the cost of a wireless air card. By comparison, Poddio kit costs almost nothing and is faster, easier to learn and weighs only a few ounces. Basically, itʼs a full broadcasting kit that fits in the palm of your hand.”

Poddio is currently available on the iPhone App Store. The VeriCorder Mini Mic will be sold on the companyʼs Web site and through Amazon.