Verance Develops Tech to Prevent DAI Issues in SVOD

(Image credit: Verance)

SAN DIEGO, Calif.—Verance, a provider of standards-based watermarking technology, has announced the development of a new tool to prevent fingerprint-based Dynamic Advertising Insertion (DAI) issues with Netflix and other SVOD platforms.

DAI technology enables broadcasters and advertisers to deliver different ads to different viewers in broadcast systems. With the new technology from Verance, SVOD platforms can now privately identify their content to TVs to ensure that their content is neither measured nor manipulated via the insertion of unauthorized dynamic ads.

This is a specific response to some industry fears regarding Nielsen’s DAI technology. Fingerprint-based systems are not always able to differentiate content from streaming services with content from syndication. For example, “Seinfeld” appears across national syndication, basic cable and Netflix. With Nielsen’s DAI tech now incorporated into smart TVs, DAI commercials for ad-supported broadcasters could inadvertently be placed in a Netflix stream.

Verance worked with manufacturers, programmers and distributors to create the technology that allows SVOD platforms to send private messages notifying TVs that no measurement or ad insertion should take place. These messages are kept private to prevent Nielsen or others from using the information gathered to infer viewership.

“We believe this will create a path forward for the subscription VOD and ad-supported broadcast world to co-exist,” said Nil Shah, Verance CEO.

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