VDS releases cartooning filter for Quantel Q range

VDS, a developer of broadcast software, has released of Digital Anarchy’s ToonIt! for Quantel’s Q range of products.

ToonIt! for Quantel provides an easy way to give film/video footage a cartoon look. The plug-in uses algorithms to process the image and create cartoon shading and lines.

ToonIt! frees operators from techniques like rotoscoping and hand painting by analyzing an image, then reducing its color palette and detecting where the important edges are. The edges are used to shape and control areas of color.

With ToonIt!, Quantel users can customize the cartoon effect for almost any footage in a variety of ways. There are four filters in the set. The Roto-Toon filter creates flat shades of color and offers full control over details like outlines, shading styles and halftone effects.

The Outlines Only filter uses edge detection to produce cartoon-style edges, removing color altogether from the footage for a black-and-white comic-book style. Goth-Toon makes use of internal color rotoscoping to create a high contrast effect, while Blacklight Edges edge detection creates a fun, customizable set of neon-colored edges.

For more information, visit www.digitalanarchy.com.