VCC Adds ‘BOP’ Tech To CrowdView

(Image credit: VCC)

PALISADES, N.Y.—The Video Call Center (VCC) has expanded its CrowdView live virtual audience system with the addition of a new technology, dubbed “BOP,” that makes it possible to single out an audience member, the company said this week.

CrowdView delivers the reaction shots and cheers that fuel live TV and events, regardless of where audience members are located. The new BOP technology lets producers single out individual panelists to be displayed full-screen and allows virtual participants to interact directly with the cast and other audience members.

“CrowdView with BOP from VCC is the first solution that completely blurs the line between in-house, remote and hybrid audiences,” said VCC CEO Larry Thaler,. “Our patented technologies for IP remotes extend the reach of producers, enabling them to engage fully with people anywhere in the world. CrowdView with BOP empowers producers to take the live interactive experience to unprecedented heights, delivering the energy and interplay that is only possible when a live cast interacts with a live audience.”

VCC’s BOP feature for CrowdView lets a show cast or event participants interact directly with the individual audience members within their live virtual audience. BOP zeros in on a single audience member or panel member at the press of a button. 

When producers “BOP” a remote contributor, the system automatically brings the selected participant forward as a full-screen video and isolates audio. BOP can be configured to mute the rest of the audience and also supports custom muting. Specific audio tracks can remain open in the background so that producers can allow selective interaction or even fully isolated audio without full screening.

CrowdView with BOP recreates the whole in-studio audience experience for fans, the show host, guest, and production teams. Like all VCC video remote-by-IP solutions, CrowdView with BOP is purpose-built to address television’s creative and technical requirements and other professional-caliber live productions and corporate events. 

Unlike off-the-shelf video conferencing applications, VCC patented technologies offer a unique combination of capabilities that include: reliable long-duration connections, flexible screen layouts, the highest possible audio/video quality, broadcast-quality audio routing, precise and flexible editorial control and lag-free natural two-way interactivity. 

CrowdView with BOP is available for use in conjunction with the VCC Caller Queue  show-branded participant aggregation and management system and the VCC StageDoor automated remote system for VIP guests. 

More information is available on the company’s website.

Phil Kurz

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