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University of Mobile selects MIPRO wireless for performing ensembles

The University of Mobile Center for Performing Arts is home to more than 200 music majors and minors, with course offerings that include live performance, music education, theater and church music as well as music business, audio and recording. The school presents more than 400 concerts and other performances each academic year, and when deciding to expand its wireless arsenal, it chose the latest technology from MIPRO.

According to Alan W. Miller, associate dean of the Center for Performing Arts and director of several of the university’s vocal ensembles, space efficiency, reliability and ease of setup were critical for the new wireless systems. “The primary use for the system is for a 12-voice group called the Sounds of Mobile,” Miller said. “This group performs in schools, churches and for civic events and has also performed on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean each year; hence, having a system that could travel well was very important. We were also very concerned about having a system that offered an intuitive process for locating and assigning open frequencies,” Miller said, “as you never know what type of RF environment you’re walking into.”

After a protracted search, the university selected three MIPRO ACT-707F mainframes, each stocked with four ACT-707MC receiver modules. This arrangement provides 12 wireless channels in three rackspaces. MIPRO’s AD-707 antenna divider is incorporated as well, minimizing antenna clutter. Transmitters include 12 ACT-707HM handheld wireless microphones.

Miller is enthusiastic about the equipment’s performance. “Our MIPRO system was very easy to rack and use,” Miller said. “The microphone transmitters have very good, flat response, and they provide exceptional gain before feedback, which enables us to easily achieve the levels we need. We’ve been very impressed with the compact, lightweight design of the system, and battery performance has been exceptional. By comparison, we go through boatloads of 1.5V batteries with our other systems. Our MIPRO wireless system sounds terrific; it’s durable, and I never cease to be impressed with how little rackspace our 12-channel system occupies. I’m confident this was the right decision.”

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