TVU Networks Equips TVU Producer With Audio Mixing Feature

(Image credit: TVU Networks)

MOUNTAINVIEW, Calif.—TVU Networks has added an audio mixing panel to its cloud-based TVU Producer multicamera, cloud production tool.

The TVU Producer is designed to assist with remote produced multicamera live events. By adding an audio mixing panel, an audio production crew can now manage the audio elements from a separate location from the video crew, per TVU.

The audio mixing panel features a browser-based user interface to offer full control of all audio signals. Users can operate the panel with touch-screen tablet computers. There is also TVU’s time synchronization technology, which provides zero latency execution of production commands and synchronization between video and audio.

“The mixing function is extremely easy to use and gives the audio operator full control over program audio,” said Paul Shen, TVU CEO. “As part of our continued expansion of remote production capabilities, this is one more piece that enables all crew … to be part of a professional production operating from a safe location such as their homes.”

TVU Producer can accept any standard IP video sources, as well as SDI signals via an IP encoder or TVU transmitter. It can also be used with the TVU Anywhere App or integrated with TVU Partyline.

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