TV5 relies on Junger Audio’s LEVEL MAGIC

Philippines-based television network Associated Broadcasting Company (TV5) has installed Junger Audio’s LEVEL MAGIC technology to balance audio transmissions it is sending to various cable TV operators throughout the country.

TV5 recently has undergone a complete re-branding that has resulted in increased audience share. TV5’s main facilities and transmitter are located in Quezon City. Although most of TV5’s output goes through terrestrial transmission, the broadcaster also transmits via cable operators in the country, with several relay stations in different major cities in the archipelago.

To level out the audio transmissions, TV5’s engineers specified a Junger Audio C8000 LEVEL MAGIC system, which was supplied by Conversance Systems Network Solutions, via Junger Audio Asia. The system incorporates Junger Audio’s adaptive loudness algorithm, which uses a Multi-Loop dynamic range control principle.