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TV4 Sweden switches to Eyeheight

System integrator ATG Broadcast has selected four Eyeheight presentation switchers for TV4 Sweden, the country’s leading commercial broadcaster, as part of the network's expansion from eight channels to 10. This includes two systems for TV4’s Fakta and Sci-Fi channels and two as spares. All four feature an FB-9E Ethernet-interfaced chassis, MW-2E A/B mixer and AI-7 automation interfaces for use under automated control with manual audio level over-rides. The new equipment was installed at TV4’s headquarters in Stockholm.

Eyeheight’s playout compact switchers allow TV4 to configure equipment that meets its current requirements while being fully expandable to add extra units when required in the future. It integrates easily with third-party automation such as the Pebble Beach system installed at TV4. This latest TV4 contract also includes Eyeheight DT-2 AFD inserters and OL-2A legalizers for installation in the transmission output chains.

The playout compact series includes an A/B switcher with four-group 16-channel audio capability. Each chassis accommodates up to six modules, with available options such as keyer, squeeze, dual voice-over, bug inserter, preview selector, 8 x 4 and 12 x 4 video and AES audio crosspoints for program-preset operation.

Standard features include temperature monitoring and onscreen display of fan and power supply status. A hot-swappable, redundant power supply is available as an option. Up to eight switcher panels can be managed from a single control network. The switcher comes with Eyeheight’s Playout Application Suite, a collection of programs for setting up squeezeback moves and downloading channel-branding logos as well as for general set-up and diagnostics. This all connects using the TCP/IP protocol on the Ethernet port.

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