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TV transmitters, feedline, antennas, towers, services

Screen Service Broadcasting MAGNUM Series

Digital TV transmitters for SFN and MFN networks; feature a built-in SFN adapter and advanced technology, which allows implementation of all modulation patterns for either digital or analog in the same hardware; firmware allows zero-error signal processing thanks to an internal 32-bit architecture; the SDT ARK-1 is an all-in-one transposer and transmitter for all modulation, including the ISDB-Tb.
+39 030 358 2225;
Booth: C1925


Axcera 6X series

Liquid-cooled transmitter uses the company's frequency agile exciter and the latest LDMOS devices for broadband operation across the entire UHF band; power amplifier systems operate at the highest power density available, reducing floor space requirements; uses parallel amplifier and power supply modules, which can be removed and replaced while the transmitter is on the air.
Booth: C8546D, C1319


Harris Maxiva

A range of compact, efficient liquid-cooled (high-power) and air-cooled (low-power) UHF transmitters; the company's MPH platform can be installed inside Maxiva and other DTV transmitters to create a compact multiplatform transmission solution, delivering DTV, HDTV and mobile DTV services together in the same slice of bandwidth.
Booth: N2502


Harris 3Gb/s Distribution Amplifiers

3Gb/s/HD/SD/ASI fiber distribution amplifiers; provide broadcasters with a unique combination of configurations, including single-channel transceiver, dual-channel fiber transmitter, dual-channel fiber receiver, and dual-channel fiber receiver with dual fiber transmitters per channel; the DA-HRO6803+D is a single-channel 1×8 DA with O-to-E or E-to-O conversion; the DA-DHREO6803+D is a dual-channel 1×4 DA with E-to-O conversion; the DA-DHROE6803+D is a dual-channel 1×4 DA with O-to-E conversion; the DA-DHROOE6803+D is a dual-channel 1×4 DA with O-to-E conversion.
Booth: N2502


Broadcast Microwave Services (BMS) DiversaTracker

Directional/diversity receive antenna with built-in controller; when combined with the DR6000 receiver, creates a system that combines the benefits of six-way diversity reception with the extended range that a dedicated tracking antenna affords.
Booth: C2318



A low profile, lightweight system that incorporates a directional antenna and continuous rotation positioner encapsulated within a nonconductive radome; specifically designed for mobile applications; features embedded control, which provides automatic alignment of the directional antenna and greatly simplifies operation; can be remotely controlled by the NSI MC5; ideal for transmit as well as receive applications.
Booth: C1715


Radian Communications Services

Produces broadcast towers up to 2000ft; performs tower erection and antenna installations with in-house full-time field crews; provides inspections and engineering structural analyses; installs combiners, filters and transmitters for AM, FM and HDTV as well as LPTV/FM translators.
Booth: C3009


Emcee Titanium series

Medium power UHF transmitters and translators; available in power output options of 250W to 2KW of average power; using high efficiency amplifiers and a unique high density air cooling system, it produces a large amount of power while consuming low amounts of electrical power.
Booth: C1415


Emerson Network Islatrol BC series

Active Tracking Filters designed to protect broadcast equipment from component degradation, malfunction and shortened life associated with AC power line spikes, transients and noise; feature 15-80 kA surge protection and 47Hz-63Hz line frequency; offers .5 ns response time; available in units noted from 15-1200 amps; RMS voltage input ranges from 105V to more than 480V.
Booth: C1732


Link Research L1500

Supports a wide selection of RF modules that can be swapped over to operate in bands of 1.4GHz to 7.5GHz; uses the company's encoding and modulation methods to cut transmission delays to about one frame, making the transmitter suitable for live sports productions; includes options for camera control for Sony and Thomson Grass Valley cameras.
+44 1923 474060;
Booth: C2107

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