TV, film production enter cloud with Scenios

Scenios in New York City has unveiled the first public showcase of its next-generation online collaborative platform for film and TV production at the National Association of Television Production Executives (NATPE) conference this week in Miami Beach, FL.

The Scenios platform enables producers to manage film, TV and commercial projects in a cloud-based environment. As an online service, Scenios works with all major operating systems, including Apple Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux.

Scenios includes a suite of apps that streamline workflows through all aspects of a shoot. The apps that are available at launch include

  • Cast and Crew, which allows the producer to add cast and crew members to each project;
  • Script, which enables all team members to have access to the current script;
  • Schedule, which provides a shared production calendar;
  • Locations, which uses Google Maps to manage shooting locations;
  • Budget, which allows certain team members to share and review the production budget;
  • File Cabinet, which provides a place for team members to share documents; and
  • Call Sheets, which streamlines the process of creating and distributing call sheets.

The Scenios platform also includes video management capabilities, supporting virtually every pro video format. Scenios enables members of a production team to share and review dailies, rough cuts and final cuts in any Web browser with a broadband connection.