TRUE Systems P-SOLO Ribbon mic preamp now shipping

TRUE Systems has begun shipping the P-SOLO Ribbon, a single-channel microphone preamplifier. The unit uses the same circuitry as the company’s multichannel preamplifiers, but with additional gain and tweaks designed to produce superior results with vintage and contemporary ribbon microphones, as well as dynamic mics. As a single input design, the P-SOLO Ribbon boasts compact size at an economic price, making it equally useful for studio and location work.

Like its sibling, the P-SOLO, the P-SOLO Ribbon uses the same balanced, transformerless circuitry as the company’s Precision 8 and the P2 Analog. It is built with military-grade, hand-matched components and delivers undistorted response that dips down to 1.5Hz and reaches up to 500kHz, with wide dynamic range, excellent transient response and low noise. Features include high-pass filtering, dual analog outputs, high-impedance instrument input and four-level metering. The P-SOLO Ribbon has no phantom power, which is potentially damaging to ribbon mics, and higher input impedance and gain capability than other TRUE Systems designs. Higher input impedance makes the P-SOLO Ribbon immune to sonic variations caused by ribbon resonance frequencies that alter the output impedance of the ribbon microphone at those frequencies.

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