Troll Systems unveils A600 COFDM diversity receive antenna system

The new Troll Systems A600 is a COFDM diversity antenna and receive site system developed for digital electronic newsgathering (ENG) transmission.

Troll’s all-in-one package addresses the requirements of the receive network from installation to operation. It has been designed to lower installation costs, minimize multipath problems, operate at long distances, automatically setup and track and to be network manageable.

Using six-channel diversity receiver technology including a traditional high-gain steerable antenna with five surrounding panels, the Troll A600 is multipath immune and capable of long-range links with a minimum of operator interaction.

In operation, the system is designed to be completely hands off. Once the receive channel has been set, the A600 manages everything from initial capture via the panel antennas, the automatic peaking of the directional antenna and the complete optimization of the system.

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