Times Internet chooses StreamZ Live encoders for IPL cricket tournament streaming

Times Internet (TIL) has selected Digital Rapids StreamZ Live adaptive bit rate (ABR) encoders for live online streaming of the 51-day Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament through the Indiatimes.com website and via YouTube.

Eight StreamZ Live ABR encoders were supplied for the project by Digital Rapids partner Shaf Broadcast. The encoders are deployed in a high-availability configuration with redundancy to bolster the reliability of the StreamZ Live encoders.

Each HD input source is encoded to multiple output profiles at varying resolutions and bit rates for adaptive streaming, enabling seamless viewing experiences that automatically adapt based on the viewer's available bandwidth.

Separate streams are available for different geographic regions with varying time delays. Leveraging StreamZ Live's integration capabilities, operators can use a custom tool to insert cue points for important match events, celebrity movements and advertising. TIL can subsequently use these cue points, in conjunction with metadata and geo-location, for dynamic advertisement delivery.