Thomson unveils SmartVision QoE server

SmartVision QoE servers improve the overall IPTV subscriber experience by packet loss recovery to deal with video artifacts and minimizing channel change times
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Thomson has introduced the SmartVision QoE IPTV network server featuring support for packet loss recovery and fast channel change to improve the quality of experience of subscribers to IPTV networks.

Quality of Experience (QoE) quantifies the user experience based on both objective and subjective quality perceptions. The two most important defects that impact the QoE are the video artifacts caused by network impairments, such as packet loss, and the long channel change times.

SmartVision QoE servers improve the overall user experience in these two aspects. It is capable of bringing fast channel change times while implementing a packet loss recovery mechanism that guarantees picture quality does not suffer from macro blocks or freeze/black frames caused by network packet loss.

Based on the latest DVB and Internet standards, the SmartVision QoE server is interoperable with any set-top box that implements these recommendations, and does not require the implementation of proprietary agents running on the STB.