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THAT introduces digitally programmable microphone preamp chip

THAT has introduced a new digitally programmable microphone preamplifier that offers unprecedented performance and flexibility for designers of pro audio equipment. The THAT1570/5171 paired chipset comprises a low-noise differential audio preamplifier (1570) and a separate high-performance digital preamplifier controller (5171). The new chipset enables much greater flexibility, with up to 130dB dynamic range when operating from +/-17V supplies, allowing designers to trade off power consumption versus dynamic range.

This new part-pair enables gain to be programmed over 56 1dB steps from 13.6dB to 68.6dB. An additional gain setting of 5.6dB allows the combination to accept line inputs up to 22dBu. Other high-performance specifications and features include extremely low noise, low THD+N and wide bandwidth. Integrated features designed to simplify product design include a servo for minimizing DC offset; a zero crossing detector and other techniques for minimizing gain-switching noise; and four general-purpose digital outputs.

THAT’s 1570/5171 can be applied to audio mixing consoles, digital audio snakes, audio distribution systems, PC audio breakout boxes and more. Both full chipsets and a demo board are now available.