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THAT controls TV loudness with dbx-tv Total Volume

THAT has announced dbx-tv Total Volume, a two-channel loudness control technology that manages all sources of undesirable loudness changes. It was shown at AES in New York City last week.

Requiring less than 20 MIPS of DSP horsepower, Total Volume’s code, which uses compression technology, is small enough to be integrated into even the most resource-constrained TV SoCs. Unlike other solutions, it deals effectively with all sources of loudness variation.

Locally inserted commercials often have different loudness compared with national broadcasts. The company said that competitive viewer-based solutions typically require so much DSP horsepower that TV makers must add extra hardware processing, thus increasing costs. Low horsepower solutions often suffer from audio artifacts such as “pumping” and “breathing.” THAT claims dbx-tv Total Volume solves the problem.