Thales Angenieux Delivers 19x Lens Series

Thales Angenieux has introduced its new 19 x 7.3 AIF HR/HD ENG/EFP lens. The lens provides improved focal range to help broadcasters better capture action in the field.

The 19 x 7.3 AIF offers a focal range of 7.3mm to 139mm. It is resistant to condensation, dust and rain. It weighs 4 pounds with the 2x extender and 3.7 pounds in the HD-E version. The company said the lens's 19x zoom range allows close-up images with optimized definition and clarity.

The portable lens also has Thales Angenieux's digital features, which include memorized focus and zoom positions, anti backlash system, auto cruise zoom function, digital laws for focus and zoom, serial communication, optional built in focus (SSD version) and optional 16 bits output optical encoder (SSDE version).

"This is a very versatile lens for field crews with respect to its focal range, ergonomic design and price," said Chris Beauparlant, sales manager of the Americas at Thales Angenieux. "Just as Thales Angenieux lenses have become the standard of excellence in the film industry, this lens could easily attain a similar standard for ENG and EFP applications as broadcasters make their move to HD."

The 19 x 7.3 AIF is available in the HD and SD Series, as well as the HD-e Series.