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Testing HD+ T&M With Rohde & Schwarz

MUNICH, GERMANY — The integration of the HD+ test suites into the R&S BTC reference signal generator with audio/video analysis functions offers manufacturers of HD+ receivers a new and comprehensive solution for development and certification. Developed by SES Platform Services GmbH, the test suites provide a defined environment for testing compliance and self-certification.

The solution covers all functions of the HD+ specifications, allowing HD+ consumer electronics to be fully tested. When combined with the test suites, the R&S BTC can also be used to perform tests, regardless of location and without the availability of the satellite signal. The HD+ test suites are available for HD+ receivers, HD+ SmartTV receivers and for the HD+ module. The suites each consist of test specifications and the transport stream test library.

The R&S BTC solution allows users to perform automated self-certification tests with just a single instrument, making time-consuming, expensive test setups that consist of many individual instruments a thing of the past. Test solutions no longer have to be created from several different sources. The R&S BTC and the HD+ test suites allow manufacturers to minimize test times and costs, ensuring a good end user experience for their customers.

The R&S BTC supports all services included in the DVB-S2 standard (broadcast, professional, interactive and DSNG). Applying the current DVB-S2X standard, it can already be used to develop next-generation satellite receivers as well. For the first time, it is possible to simulate the entire satellite transmission chain with uplink and downlink as well as IMUX/OMUX characteristics.

The HD+ test suites are now available from Rohde & Schwarz as software options for the R&S BTC. For more information on the R&S BTC, go to: