Telestream Integrates With Vantage Platform

(Image credit: Telestream)

NEVADA CITY, Calif.—Telestream has added a new option to its Vantage media processing platform, an integration with’s cloud-based collaborative platform.

The new Vantage Connector for processes media files and metadata from Vantage in preparation for collaborative editing and then automatically drops them into user folders for collaboration and review and approval workflows.

The integration has two modes, an interactive mode and a programmatic mode. In the interactive mode, the connector is configured using an interface that mirrors the website structure for users, projects and assets. In programmatic mode, Vantage can use project IDs to automatically configure the connector’s publishing methodology.

Once the “publish to” action is completed, Vantage can email team members, letting them know the asset is ready. When the creative process completes within, existing Vantage capabilities can then complete the distribution media processing tasks required. The Connector can also be part of larger workflows that include prepping content for edit and archival storage.

Telestream is now offering the Vantage Connector for For more information, visit (opens in new tab).