Telemetrics releases elevating wall-mount system for broadcast, virtual studio

The Telemetrics BT-X3/Z3-BS elevating wall-mount camera system, featured at the recent NAB2008, is a heavy-duty remotely controlled camera positioning system that offers a range of unique and innovative features for virtual set and professional video production applications. The wall mount adds a movement similar to that of a crane shot with robotic control.

The belt-driven track system offers both horizontal and vertical positioning to pan-and-tilt camera movement. It can be run with various Telemetrics control panels and computer software that offer position, preset and motion control capability. The X and Z tracks each measure up to 3m (9.84ft), can bear a trolley load of 70lbs and can move smoothly at a minimum speed of 0.1ft/s and at a maximum speed of 2.5ft/s.

For virtual studio applications, the system relies on the optional X-Z positional encoders that deliver precise (~ 13000 count/inch) data. The positional information is processed into serial format and sent to the virtual studio computer.

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