Telegenic equips new 3-D OB vehicle with RTS/Telex intercom

British service provider Telegenic has entered the realm of next-generation acquisition and production with the addition of one of the world’s first 3-D OB trucks.

Built by Sony Professional Europe, the truck has been in service since the end of March. The 3-D OB truck is the result of extensive planning, testing and some 18 months of construction.

In its first few weeks of service, the new Telegenic truck has been offering subscribers to Sky’s pay-TV channels live transmissions (mainly of soccer matches) in 3-D quality. In addition to high-profile sporting events, the new flagship of Sky’s fleet of OB vehicles is scheduled to branch out into the field of entertainment.

The truck is equipped with systems from RTS/Telex, including a 128-port ADAM intercom matrix flanked by a variety of keypanels from RTS’s KP series, such as the KP32 and KP12.