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Telecast Fiber Systems offers powerful fiber transport system

The Python II 3G is Telecast Fiber Systems’ latest release of the company's Python multichannel fiber-optic HD-SDI transport system. The new Python II 3G offers the industry's broadest range of digital transmission rates while maintaining signal quality and reliability.

The Python II 3G enables fiber-optic transport of up to four groups of HD-SDI channels in a compact 1RU frame. For example, operators can select a transmitter and a receiver frame for eight or 16 channels in one direction or two transceiver frames for channels in each direction. Alternatively, they can use Telecast's Rattler miniature transmit/receive modules in conjunction with Python II 3G frames to distribute signals to and from several locations simultaneously. Because most Telecast SD/HD products can interface with the Python II 3G, broadcasters can create the exact topology required for a given operation.

In addition, the Python II 3G's coarse wavelength-division multiplexing (CWDM) capabilities enable it to transport up to 16 HD signals on a single optical fiber while remaining compatible with earlier versions of the Python. The system accepts signals ranging from 19.4Mb/s ATSC to 3Gb/s uncompressed HD-SDI and supports numerous interface standards, including applicable SMPTE, ATSC and DVB recommendations.