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Tektronix to demo range of test and measurement products

Tektronix will demonstrate several new technologies across its portfolio from SD to HD, along with MPEG and next generation compression technologies during NAB2008.

At NAB 2008, Tektronix will demonstrate new functions for the PQA500 HD Picture Quality Analyzer, including simultaneous generation and capture of SDI video. This feature enhances the value of the PQA as a diagnostic tool.

Tektronix also will demonstrate RF generator, multiplexer and analysis tools that support the ISDB-TB standard for Brazil and the DTMB standard for China terrestrial broadcast.

Additionally, the company will show two new capabilities for the TG700 modular multi-format precision signal generator. The first is a 3Gb/s SDI module to support 1080p SDI signal generation on a single link. The second is a GPS module designed to allow the TG700 to act as a master clock and synchronization system.

See Tektronix in NAB booth N2520, or visit:

View Tektronix's WFM7120 for single link SDI at NAB2008.