Tektronix enhances audio loudness capabilities of waveform monitor, rasterizer

Tektronix released at IBC2010 new enhancements to its family of waveform monitors and rasterizers with the addition of critical audio loudness capability.

Building upon its current loudness measurement capability, Tektronix now offers WFM6000/7000 and WVR6000/7000 users new firmware and software upgrades that adhere to ITU-R BS.1770-1/1771 specifications. The upgrades include capabilities such as an audio loudness meter, an audio loudness session display and audio loudness monitoring of Dolby Digital Plus audio.

The transition from analog to digital has enabled improved audio and video performance that allows broadcasters and program providers to send a wider dynamic range of audio signals to the home than was previously possible. Today’s commercial programming is taking advantage of this wider dynamic range to grab the attention of viewers and results in increased audio loudness between programs and interstitial material. As a result, loudness has become a serious issue for broadcasters and program producers.