TEDxCambridge Goes Live And 4K Via Panasonic

Panasonic’s CineLive feature set is designed to capture hi-res images for live events.

Panasonic’s CineLive feature set is designed to capture hi-res images for live events.

BOSTON—TEDxCambridge is one of the longest running and largest independently organized TED events in the world. Ideas shared on the TED and TEDx stages—captured via short, powerful videos—have been viewed billions of times. As we prepared to celebrate TEDxCambridge’s 10th anniversary event, it seemed only fitting to capture the experience in 4K with the most advanced technology available.

We held our milestone production at the Citizens Bank Opera House in Boston. Our program featured six compelling speakers who challenged the 2,500 guests to reexamine their collective biases and misconceptions on topics ranging from childhood and diversity to sexism and incarceration. Opening and closing musical performances by local artists capped off an unforgettable celebration of innovation, creativity and inspiration.


Through a collaboration with the region’s premier video production and live event organizations—Talamas, Cramer and Charles River Media Group—for the first time we were able to capture our production in 4K, using Panasonic VariCam LT 4K camcorders with Cine-Live and AW-UE150 4K 60p integrated pan/tilt/zoom cameras. We also featured Panasonic PT-RQ22KU 4K large venue laser projectors for IMAG and projection mapping.

The video can be viewed in 4K on our website, tedxcambridge.com/watch, as well as on the TEDxTalks YouTube channel, youtube.com/user/TEDxTalks.

The VariCam LT is optimized by Panasonic for live events, making it the ideal solution for our production. The feature sets and camera usage in a live situation are aptly called “Cine-Live,” defined by the combination of the VariCam LT and the AK-HRP1000 Remote Operating Panel. Production-style LUTs and CDLs can be used, or broadcast-style RGB controls for live grading. The camera gave us the flexibility to accommodate whatever production look we needed. We chose Panasonic’s V709 look, which produces cinematic colors and contrast in a ready-for-broadcast package.

Our VariCam LTs were outfitted with Fujinon Cabrio S35 lenses, which made for a powerful combination to achieve a cinematic look in our live, multicam environment. The VariCam LT delivered 4K, shallow depth of field and great color fidelity. And the Cabrio lineup, including the 25-300mm and 85-300mm lenses, gave us the reach we required to get the desired shots.


We were excited to utilize the new AWUE150 PTZ camera, along with its color matching versatility, that gave us the ability to closely match to the VariCam LT’s V709 look. The AW-UE150’s form factor allowed us to have the camera placement we wanted without obstructing audience views or taking up seats with a traditional camera and operator. The VariCam LTs and AW-UE150s all worked with the same remotes for easy shading control. These features delivered the optimal live production camera package.

Dmitri Gunn is executive director of TEDxCambridge, which hosts a premier annual event for 2,500 guests at the Citizens Bank Opera House in Boston and an intimate salon series for 250 guests at WBUR CitySpace. For more information, visittedxcambridge.com.

For more information on Panasonic, visitbusiness.panasonic.com/products-professionalvideo.