Tascam updates portable recorder for midside monitoring and decoding

Tascam has updated its DR-680 portable recorder with new features for recording with midside microphones. Midside recording offers a solid mono image with adjustable stereo width.

MS signals must be decoded before they can be used in a mix. The DR-680, using the new version 1.20, offers two modes for midside decoding. The encoded signal can be recorded and decoded through the headphone outputs, or the input can be decoded internally and recorded.

The DR-680 is a portable recorder that records eight tracks (or six discrete tracks and a stereo mix) at 96kHz/24-bit resolution. Six microphone inputs with phantom power are available for multichannel or surround recording.

It records to SD/SDHC card media in WAV, Broadcast WAV or MP3 format, and stereo 192k recording is also available. The free firmware update can now be downloaded from the Tascam website.