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TASCAM previews SD-01U surround decoder at NAMM

At the recent NAMM show, TASCAM previewed its SD-01U digital surround decoder and speaker system. The decoder accepts Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS signals for a 5.1 surround output. Internal DSP handles lip sync delay for plasma monitors and has 11-band EQ, delay, phase and trim for each speaker output. A phantom-powered measurement microphone input can be used to automatically align the system. The SD-01U can be controlled through RS-232C or an optional Ethernet LAN connection.

The SD-01U combines 32-bit dual-core DSP processing with automatic alignment for simple system setup. The unit features an adjustable dynamic range setting plus full access to Dolby Digital parameter, has an adjustable downmix setting for stereo or mono monitoring and features coaxial and optical digital inputs. Outputs include both unbalanced RCA and balanced Euroblock connectors. An RS-232C port and optional Ethernet input allow for full remote control capability.

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