TANDBERG converges IP, cellular networks for any service

TANDBERG Television got plenty of attention at NAB2009 with its TANDBERG/Ericsson IMS IP multimedia subsystem framework for converged services delivery. IMS is an architecture for converging the parallel universes of IP and cellular networks that's been around for 10 years. Because it lets users consolidate their cell phone and office phone voicemail in one device, it's gotten a lot of attention from voice services providers.

While TANDBERG TV has been marketing its IMS framework mostly in an IPTV context, the same infrastructure also embraces digital mobile TV, according to TANDBERG’s Cillian Maher, who said, "It enables converged and blended services delivery as part of the TV experience. You can add presence, messaging and interactive services to content."

Maher cites an automatic service that asks a parent at work whether someone in her home can watch pay-per-view movies. The service automatically sends the parent a text message with a yes/no reply option. "Ericsson's vision is to change a voice call to a video call, transfer a TV session from TV set to a PC to a mobile phone, all seamlessly," Maher said.

Download Ericsson's 2008 IMS white paper at ericsson ims white paper 9-08.pdf.