Taiwanese broadcaster deploys TVUPack for wireless newsgathering

TVBS, a major satellite TV channel and nationwide cable TV network, has deployed TVUnetworks’ TVUPack across Taiwan.

The TVUPack is an ultra-portable electronic newsgathering device. It uses wireless infrastructure backed up by solid-state storage that captures high-quality footage when no data connection is available.

The TVUPack is a fully self-contained content capture and broadcast solution with its own onboard power and data transmission capability. Simple to operate, with the press of a single button, the signal goes live in the newsroom within 45 seconds. Latency is as little as two seconds.

Using TVUs Inverse StatMux technology, the TVUPack delivers broadcast-quality signals by leveraging multiple 3G/WiFi connections. Its flexible external modem connections allow it to upgrade to 4G/WiMAX without replacing any hardware.