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TablerTV Previews 200-Inch 8K Touchscreen TV

LAS VEGAS—TablerTV is taking the idea that bigger is better to a whole new level, as the large display and touchscreen manufacturer, premiered its new line of Touchscreen Giant TV products at CES 2016 that measure 200-inches. The TTV Wall stands about 16-feet wide and 8-feet high and is equipped with 8K LCD resolution display technology and a Multi-Touch sensor at 5-meter wide scale.

With the built-in Multi-Touch sensor, picture, video or PDF documents can be pinched and zoomed, as well as allow the user to add annotations on the TV Wall and documents. It can also serve as a wireless printer that can be detected by iOS devices.

The TTV Wall can be connected to a high-end computer to run 3D games; it can also show 3D simulations, data visualization for big data and BI. In addition, an optional face recognition feature allows for users to log in/log off of their cloud and local accounts when approaching or leaving the screen.

The 200-inch TTV Wall comes in two versions, slim bezel and zero bezel. The slim bezel (3.9mm) is currently under production and is expected to begin shipping in February. The zero bezel is scheduled to ship in March. TablerTV will also have 100-inch and 110-inch TTV Walls available in February. User can place pre-orders now.

TablerTV premiered the 200-inch TTV Wall at the recent CES 2016 show in Las Vegas.