Studer Vista 5 gains AutoTouchPlus dynamic automation

The Swiss digital console maker has added an automation feature, extending the range of applications to include post production
AutoTouchPlus adds Studer’s dynamic automation to its Vista 5 console.

At the recent ProLight+Sound show in Frankfurt, Germany, Studer has made available its AutoTouchPlus dynamic automation system, already part of the company’s Vista 7 and Vista 8 consoles, on the Studer Vista 5. The recent upgrade means that the Vista 5, which is primarily a live production console, can now also be used for post-production work.

With AutoTouchPlus, all parameters of the console can be automated against time code using touch-sensitive faders and Vistonics encoders. The Vistonics screens display the current mix pass values along with the previously written mix data from the last mix pass, creating an informative session overview unique to the Studer Vista line.

The existing MIDI port is used to read MTC (MIDI time code) to which the automation is then slaved. For systems based on linear SMPTE time code (LTC), an optional LTC-to-MTC converter is available. A virtual automation control unit acts as the main console panel and is displayed as a window on the graphical controller. The most important buttons from this panel are provided on the desk surface as well.

Existing Vista 5 installations can be upgraded to this functionality from software Version 4.2 upward. Studer will be in Booth N6724 at the upcoming NAB Show.