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Studer, Soundcraft mixers to be featured heavily at Beijing Olympics

Mixing consoles from both Studer and Soundcraft will appear at numerous events and broadcast facilities at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Digital consoles from both Harman companies have been chosen and purchased by local Chinese broadcasters as well as other companies who are installing or providing facilities at the events.

By far the largest consumer of Studer consoles for the games is China’s premier broadcaster, CCTV (China Central Television). Its English-speaking channel, CCTV-9, is using a Studer Vista 7 in its on-air studio, while the main studios have been equipped with four Vista 5s and five OnAir 3000s. Quindao Radio has purchased an OnAir 3000 for the Games, and Hong Kong’s TVB has purchased a total of five Vista 5s — three for its studio for the games and two for OB vans.

In addition, local broadcasters Guangdong TV, Beijing TV and Shanghai Media Group will all feature Vista 8s in their trucks, and the Shanghai Media Group fitted a dedicated 5.1 audio truck with a Vista 5. CCTV’s HD OB van is equipped with a Vista 8 and an OnAir 3000, while TJTV’s HD truck is now equipped with a Vista 8. HLJTV’s HD van comes with both a Vista 5 and an OnAir 3000; BTV’s HD truck is fitted with a Vista 8 and an OnAir 3000. Jinan TV and Dalian TV are sending HD trucks with Vista 5 consoles.

From outside China, Spain’s TVE is constructing its own studio in Beijing, with three Studer Vista 5s handle all the mixing tasks. Danmarks Radio’s facilities include a Studer OnAir 3000, and an OnAir 3000 will be at the heart of Brazil’s TV Bandeirantes’ system. OB vehicles from France (SFP and VCF) and Norway (NRK’s HD-1) will run with Studer D950s, Vista 5s and Vista 8s. Finally, the OnAir 3000 infrastructure of the Swiss SRG Media Services (MSC) will also be in Beijing, feeding all the radio programs of SRG — 13 networks in all.

For the opening and closing ceremonies, Soundcraft Vi6 digital consoles are part of a large Harman-based system, while a Soundcraft Vi6 is at the heart of the system in the National Aquatics Center. Two Soundcraft Vi4s are installed at the National Olympic Conference Center, and numerous Soundcraft analog mixers ranging from COMPACT mixers up to MH4s are installed in Olympic venues including the Fengtai Softball Field, Chang Ping Indoor Stadium, Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium, Beijing Foreign Language University Stadium, Ditan Park Indoor Stadium, Shanghai 80K Stadium, Hong Kong Equestrian Venues and the Honk Kong Olympic House Conference Room.

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