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Studer consoles now shipping with RELINK I/O sharing

Studer recently made available the new RELINK (Resource Linking) I/O sharing system. The new Studer system extends audio capabilities and can link numerous Studer consoles across a broadcast facility, allowing all inputs and outputs and their associated control data to be shared. No additional hardware is required to complete a simple one-step I/O sharing system, because control is passed over TCP/IP between consoles. Mic takeover is seamless and resilient, making the RELINK system ideal for live transmission switchover.

RELINK is based on Studer’s existing SCore system, which is an integral part of Studer's console architecture, so no additional hardware or breakout boxes are required to complete the network. The system is seamless, scalable and flexible and a network can be as simple as a link between two Studer consoles. Audio interconnects can use MADI, AES, ADAT, analog or HDLink topologies, using Studer’s D21m I/O system. Scaling up to multiconsole systems uses a two-step topology with the Studer Route 6000. Any combination of Studer Vista (5, 6, 7, 8) and OnAir 2500 and 3000 consoles can be linked. Existing consoles require the latest Studer software update, but new consoles are shipping with RELINK in place.

Studer’s latest console software updates include Version 4.1 for all Vista Series desks (enabling DAW control for most popular systems), Version 3.1 for the OnAir 2500 and 3000, and Version 2.0 for the Route 6000 signal routing system. Users needing software upgrades should contact their local Studer supplier.