StageTec introduces CRESCENDO digital console

Salzbrenner StageTec Mediagroup used the fall tradeshow season to unveil its latest mixing console, CRESCENDO. Designed to supplement the existing range of digital mixing consoles with a freely configurable, compact desk, the StageTec CRESCENDO is aimed at the broadcast and live sound markets. CRESCENDO fills the gap between StageTec’s AURUS flagship console and the smaller, fixed-bus AURATUS with a freely configurable layout and bountiful DSP resources.

CRESCENDO offers a maximum of 128 buses, up to 96 of which can be aux. In fully expanded form with seven DSP boards, the console provides a signal-processing capacity of 300 true audio channels — the same DSP power as the large AURUS. This is sufficient for even complex projects and high demands on console resources, e.g. surround applications requiring 80 or more buses.

CRESCENDO uses StageTec’s direct-access control surface concept, with up to 48 easy-to-reach channel strips and extensive visual feedback via bright, switchable TFT screens and strategically implemented OLED screens. Available console dimensions are compact, ranging from 43.3in to 94.5in wide by 21.26in deep.

Software highlights include aux-to-fader, or mix-minus-to-fader, functionality that provides fast and simple control over the monitor mix thanks to integrated auto-solo functionality. The defeatable auto-solo automatically routes the selected aux channel to the monitor. Broadcasters or live venues working with ever-changing teams will also appreciate the new “store snapshot” feature: the user's personal console configuration can be stored for each operator. System access, set by an administrator, provides the security of knowing freelance users can only edit their personal configuration, preventing unwanted system-level changes.

All CRESCENDO audio-processing and optical-interface components are accommodated in a StageTec NEXUS Star central router, with 4096 inputs routed to all available outputs simultaneously. The router also allows two consoles to be connected to share this resource, including installation of RMD DSP boards in the same NEXUS Star rack to save space. All signal processing is done with 40-bit floating-point arithmetic, and the NEXUS A/D-D/A-boards feature StageTec’s TrueMatch technology for high audio quality and microphone-splitting capabilities.