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SSL Extends Power of Gravity

SSL Matrix console Solid State Logic (SSL) demonstrated new features for its Gravity content control system at IBC2008:

  • Gravity Studio Recorder is a substitute for current VTR recorders. It allows record, pause, rewind and re-record into a single file;
  • Gravity LivEdit enables manipulation of multiple pass-through channels on the fly, removing or adding informative and pre-prepared content within seconds or minutes of the transmission point;
  • Gravity Mobile Browse is a browser application for handheld devices letting journalists and others anywhere in the world to access the Gravity system to view media, find or approve clips, and add time stamps and signatures;
  • Gravity Mobile Record enables recording and uploading of media via the 3G network for immediate use either for transmission or editing for insert;
  • Gravity Speech-to-Text recognizes speech in audio streams and generates a transcription in real time. The full timecode-referenced transcription is placed in the metadata and made available for subsequent keyword or text string search.

SSL also demonstrated its Matrix studio integration console. Matrix is a "SuperAnalogue" 16-channel, 40-input mixing console with built-in signal router and multilayer digital workstation control, designed to bring analog sound into digital workflows by providing the tools to work effectively in both domains simultaneously.