SSL announces new low-cost MADI router at IBC

Solid State Logic released the MADI-X8, a versatile and cost-effective eight-port MADI audio router/splitter/aggregator system, at IBC2010. Designed for small to midsized operations, the MADI-X8 is an audio asset sharing system consisting of a 512 crosspoint router with eight MADI I/Os and clock distribution. It can be controlled via Web browser from anywhere on a network.

In addition to simple point-to-point bulk routing, MADI-X8 offers source distribution (one source to several destinations), device splitting (any combination of individual channels to any destination) and source aggregation (a single 64-channel output consisting of any combination of channels from various inputs). This makes MADI-X8 a low-cost solution to audio distribution and aggregation across a wide range of applications, including broadcast production studios and OB vehicles, large-scale film/game scoring, multiroom studios using real-time asset sharing and live sound.

The MADI-X8 is a 1RU system with six MADI fiber and two coaxial I/Os. It provides a 512 x 512-point routing matrix controlled by SSL Logictivity Browser software and its intuitive interface. The hardware can store up to 128 presets and continues to function when Logictivity Browser is disconnected. MADI-X8 can also act as a master clock source or clock distribution system via its MADI and/or Word Clock connections. With its intelligent clock sensing and auto failover, it can monitor both a primary master clock and a secondary clock source, switching automatically should the master clock source fail. Up to four MADI-X8 units can be controlled by a single browser, and multiple browsers can control a single MADI-X8 over a wired or wireless network.

The SSL MADI-X8 is scheduled to being shipping in October.