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SRS Labs announces 10-band graphic EQ for mobile audio products

SRS Labs has announced the launch of SRS Mobile EQ, a graphic EQ solution designed specifically for mobile phones and portable media devices. The device supports up to 10 frequency bands and can be applied to a variety of mobile devices, including phones, PDAs and media players, using a proprietary filtering algorithm to minimize interband interference. This approach offers a marked improvement over devices that use a series of bandpass filters, which often cause interference between adjacent frequency bands.

Another advantage of the SRS Labs approach is preservation of talk time on mobile phones by providing a significantly lower MIPS/memory EQ for music and video. SRS Mobile EQ provides +/-12dB per band to achieve higher quality sound at higher decibel levels on the small-sized speakers common to portable media devices, meeting the loudness requirements of many telecomm carriers. SRS Mobile EQ also allows consumers to craft and save their preferred sound styles, either by setting their own EQ curves or using supplied presets for classical, jazz, dance, rap/hip hop, rock, live concert and normal (flat EQ).

OEM developers will find that SRS Mobile EQ is available immediately on the Microsoft Windows Mobile Operating System as an object code package for ARM9-based processors, with subsequent platforms to be available soon. Commercial licensing is available directly from SRS Labs.

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